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I started this blog for us Floridians to all relate to all the things that Florida has to offer.

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Happy Earth Day from Florida, land of sunshine and dreams.

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Giant mako shark photographed at Florida gas station could set a world record | →
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Black Hammock Fish Camp, Oviedo

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The Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders would like to welcome these incredibly tiny, ridiculously cute Caribbean pygmy octopus (Octopus mercatoris) hatchlings, born last month at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida.

Can you believe how small they are? Look at all those wee-bitty suckers on their eensy-weensy tentacles. When they’re full grown, these tentacular cuties will only be about the size of a silver dollar. The cuteness, it hurts!

Photos by the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

[via ZooBorns]

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Good morning, y’all!

Good morning, y’all!

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